On January 9, the Digital Media Arts Committee of Shanghai Vocational Education Association (hereinafter referred to as Digital Media Committee) was established in Shanghai International Fashion Education Center. The Digital Media Committee covers all higher and secondary vocational institutions in Shanghai that offer digital media art-related majors, as well as more than 10 well-known related industry enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region. M-Station attended the inaugural meeting as a director and participated in the discussion and exchange.

The Digital Media Committee is a professional organization in the field of digital media art, which was approved by the Shanghai Vocational Education Association and established by the Shanghai Higher Institute of Publishing and Printing and the Yangtze River Delta Digital Art International Level Education Alliance, and is composed of vocational colleges, industry associations, industry-education alliances and enterprises.

In the context of China’s vocational education entering a new era of quality improvement and value-added empowerment, the committee will take the core function of cultivating high-quality workers and technically skilled talents, take the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation as the link, take cultivation, training and nurturing as the focus, and build a “new industry” of vocational education that integrates career, study, entrepreneurship, employment and industry. ” as the anchor point, and fully research and explore the vocational education talent training, professional (group) construction, teaching material construction, skill competition, teacher training, industry-education integration, innovation and entrepreneurship, resource library construction, 1+X certificate of digital art and related majors, and actively play the professional consulting, guidance and service functions.

As a council member, M-Station,, with the purpose of cultivating applied talents for China’s film and TV industry, insists on the route of industry-university integration and school-enterprise cooperation, dovetailing the advantageous professional strengths and industrial projects of the shared space and cooperative head enterprises with school education, and creating supporting talent training and management technology platforms such as CG Treasure and CG Library. Later on, it will also adhere to and deepen this model, and share its power for the cultivation of film and television production talents and the reform and development of vocational education.