One belt, One road movie week, was launched in the Shanghai international resort in June 13th. The third Shanghai China Film and television science and Technology Innovation Summit was held in June 13th. The launch and release of 5G digital film and television creation cloud at the ceremony will create a digital film and television industry cluster highland with demonstration and leading significance for Pudong.


At the launching ceremony, Mu Deyuan, President of China Society of film and television photographers, Zhou Xinxia, President of China Society of film editing, Tao Jing, vice president of China Association of film recorders, Jiang Haiyang, national first-class director, Fang Hongda, general manager of Huawei cloud in Shanghai, Zhang Yange, Secretary General of China Post Production Alliance, and -Jiang Chuanrong, director of MirrorPictures, jointly launched the Dream Partake Cloud. Attended one belt, one road movie week, Weng Zuliang, member of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Pudong New Area District Committee, and vice mayor of Shanghai, director of the Shanghai International Resort Management Committee, Chen Tong, and others, and led the scene to witness.

With the development of 5G business, the maturity of cloud computing and the application of digital technology in all aspects of film and television creation, the production mode of the film industry is undergoing major changes. According to the ever-changing technological development trend and industrial situation, the Management Committee of the resort, China Film Science and Technology Research Institute, Huawei cloud computing Co., Ltd. and MirrorPictures have cooperated to develop a digital service platform for film and television production covering the whole process of early creativity, mid-term shooting, post production and development derivation, Through the creation of scene application and industrial ecology on digital content cloud, build 5g digital film and television innovative application demonstration zone.

Under this background, 5G digital film and television cloud has been gradually polished and shaped after a year of intensive industry research, technical demonstration and development, and resource allocation construction. At today’s launching ceremony, Niu Xiao, chief technology officer of MirrorPictures, showed the results of the cloud R & D stage of the whole film process on the spot, enabling the industry’s senior participants to have a preliminary understanding of the technical strength and unlimited possibilities of 5G digital film and television cloud creation.

At present, 5G digital film and television creation cloud is being deployed in the shared space of M-Station. The 5g digital video creation cloud was officially launched under the witness of the industry, which laid a solid foundation for commercial trial in the second half of the year and industrial application next year. This will boost the film and television commons, a new infrastructure for the integration and innovation of China’s film and television industry, realize the digital iteration and upgrading, and help explore the new industrialization path of China’s film and television industry.

Last year, one belt, one road movie week launched, M-Station put into operation. As a new infrastructure project of the whole production process of offline film industry and online intelligent management, commons is giving play to the brand effect of education and training, data center, etc., promoting the construction and operation of industry talent management platform and digital asset trading platform, and is becoming a public service platform with integrated functions, excellent equipment and efficient use, At present, a number of films, including the centenary key gift films of the founding of the party, such as “big city building”, “Wang Dao”, “Li Dazhao”, are being produced in M-Station.

Professional content development and brand spillover    Film week is getting deeper and deeper

Shanghai science fiction film and television industry base opened at the launching ceremony and settled in the M-Station. The science fiction film and television base aims at “high-tech enabling digital entertainment”. Relevant enterprises and institutions, science fiction masters and industry professionals are invited to settle in the base to join the enterprise directory, expert pool and talent pool of the base, so as to jointly create a high-end digital entertainment industry ecosystem.


White Paper of Chinese Digital Film Production Standards, which was prepared with the participation of film and television commons, was also released at the launching ceremony. Film and television commons, together with China Film Editing society, China Film and television post industry alliance and China film sound producers alliance, studies and formulates post production industry standards on the basis of extensive industry research, hoping to promote the efficiency, quality and upgrading of China’s film and television production by exploring normative, instructive and operable technologies, processes and collaborative standards.

This year, the third Shanghai China Film and Television Technology Innovation Summit Forum focuses on cloud production and virtual shooting, and discusses the profound changes of new film and television technology to the film and television industry under the digital background. Jiang Haiyang, a national first-class director, Li Shaohong, President of China Film Directors Association, Mu Deyuan, President of China Film and television Photographers Association, Zhou Xinxia, President of China Film Editing Association, Tao Jing, vice president of China Film recorders Association, and Ke Peibin, general manager of Huawei film and Television Cultural Industry of Huawei Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., discussed the development and application prospects of cloud technology in film and television production, In depth sharing with more than 100 industry guests.

Deng Yu, science and technology consultant of China Post Production Alliance, Dingyoudong, vice president of Shanghai Film College of Shanghai University, general manager of Hangzhou time coordinate film and television media Co., Ltd., Chen Yi, CEO of novartia film technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., and general manager of view picture (Beijing) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. are solemn, and discuss the advantages of virtual production technology Limitations and future application development prospects.

The third China Film and television science and Technology Summit round table forum continued the tradition. The CPPA released the 2021 Shanghai Declaration (discussion draft). Twenty industry heavyweights shared their insights at the forum. While doing a good job in the industry construction, we will continue to make suggestions and suggestions for promoting the healthy and high-quality development of China’s film and television industry. Since its establishment in 2019, the China Film and Television Technology Innovation Summit Forum has become an annual important activity for major domestic post production companies to gather in the resort for technical discussion and industrial investment promotion.

In addition, during this year’s film week, in line with the development trend of industrial technology, a “film and television virtual production summit” sponsored by the international advanced imaging Association and a “Shanghai science fiction film and television industry forum” sponsored by the Pudong Association for science and technology were added. Through a series of theme professional activities, the professional depth and brand influence of the film week have been expanded, which has accumulated momentum for the development of regional film and television industry. 17 key enterprises in the resort signed contracts at the launching ceremony of the film week, further highlighting the brand spillover effect of the film week.