On July 29th, the 3rd Shanghai International Film Festival “Belt and Road” Film Week was officially launched in Shanghai International Tourism Resort, and the 2nd Shanghai-China Film & TV Technology Innovation Summit was held at the same time. As the venue of the event, M-Station was unveiled and put into operation at the launching ceremony, adding a new infrastructure of model innovation and integration innovation to the industrialization process of Chinese film and TV.

14 agencies build M-Station together

M-Station was promoted at the launch ceremony.Financial enterprises such as ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Pudong Development Bank and Bank of Beijing, technology and Internet companies such as Huawei, Visual China, ByteDance and Ftrack, universities such as Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University-USC Institute of Culture and Creative Industry, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, and Zhenhua Vocational School affiliated with EIU signed a cooperation and co-construction framework agreement with M-Station which will be To provide strong support, including finance, technology platforms and services, research and education and training, and to jointly explore the innovative path of China’s film and television post-production enterprises and industries to become bigger and stronger.

M-Station intensively utilizes the existing properties and builds offline and online functional facilities such as full-process film and television production space, film and television talent data center and film and television digital asset trading platform with the concept of sharing to meet the needs of film and television technology enterprises for the technology platform, physical space and talents needed in the film industry process. The innovative model combined with the film and television industry ecosystem jointly built by the co-construction units has fundamentally changed the original single take order – send order – production mode of film post-production, providing post-production enterprises with a full-flow, holographic development direction.

MirrorPicture, Huawei, Blue Ocean Creative Cloud, Base Media and Beijing Lingji Technology signed a joint agreement on film and television production on the cloud, taking the lead in launching the development and construction of Huawei-Pudong International Film and Television Industrial Park Joint Innovation Center and film and television digital trading platform, and creating a new infrastructure of integration and innovation with the “5G + cloud + AI” film and television production and distribution of the whole process cloud.

16 enterprises  sign a contract to settle in

Resort development of film and television industry “field effect” has attracted nearly 50 film and television enterprises, including post-leading enterprises settled in. During this year’s film week, another 16 “Belt and Road” intention to cooperate with enterprises and key enterprises settled in the resort for the signing ceremony.

The new enterprises include Chengdu Keodou Animation Film & TV Co., Ltd. involved in the post-production of “Ne Zha”, Hangzhou Time Coordinate Film & Media Co., a senior enterprise in the field of digital production, and ftrack, a process management software company from the Nordic countries,  involved in many industrial links such as film and television post-production, filming and distribution, have laid a better foundation for the industrial function convergence of the resort.

In order to better support the development of the regional film and television industry, the 2020 policy on special funds for the film and television industry in the resort area has been revised and released. The new version of the policy responds to new trends in the industry and includes short videos, documentaries and variety shows, which have been popular in recent years, as new types of film and television works in the scope of policy support. Taking full account of the impact of the epidemic, it pays attention to the development of online film and television entertainment, and includes online entertainment enterprises and online entertainment projects that have settled in resort areas into the scope of support. For projects involving Belt and Road themes and countries, the new version of the policy has also significantly enhanced support.

Talking about industry trends: Building a cloud-based system for the film  industry

The 2nd China Film & TV Technology Innovation Summit held in the morning of 29th focused on the industrialization of China’s film and TV, with in-depth exchanges on the two topics of online and offline integration and Chinese and foreign cooperation in the context of the “Belt and Road”. In particular, with regard to cloud production and other new technologies to promote the film and television industry, Jiang Haiyang, national director of Shanghai Film Group, Ding Youdong, vice president of Shanghai University and Shanghai Film Academy, Xie Ning, vice president of Pfizer, Wang Jun, vice president of Visual China and other representatives from filmmakers, public institutions, education, enterprises and industry, shared their views and made suggestions to promote the industrialization process of China’s film and television.

JiangChuanrong , Chairman of MirrorPicture hosted an enterprise group industry exchange, and had an in-depth discussion on the promotion of technology of cloud production on film and TV post-production. Xie Ning, Vice President of Base Media , Deng Yu, Technical Advisor of CPPA, Yu Zhangxin, Solution Architect of Huawei Cloud, Cheng Wen, Vice President of Blue Ocean Tongxiang Group, Zheng Zhi, General Manager of Beijing Lingji Technology Co., Ltd. and other guests shared their insights, which made the participants have more expectations for the integration of cloud technology and film and television industry.

Focusing on how to cultivate talents under the new trend of film and television technology, Yan Li, Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of Tongji University, Zhang Weimin, General Secretary of Party Branch and President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tang Yuqin, Secretary of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Dong Yonghua, President of Zhenhua Vocational School affiliated to EITU, and Chen Yi, General Manager of Hangzhou Time Coordinate Film and Television Media Co.,the education panelists launched an industry exchange, sharing their thoughts and wisdom.

The summit is not only a collision of ideas and wisdom, but also a practical action to promote new technologies on the ground. Deng Yu, the technology advisor of CPPA, released a roadmap for film digital production on the cloud, planning a development path for cloud production, a revolutionary new technology in the film and television industry. As an important force to promote the development of film and television technology and the industrialization process, the CPPA by the Secretary-General Zhang Yange released the “2020 CPPA Shanghai Declaration”, putting forward the film and television industry chain on the cloud the goal.

Against the backdrop of the epidemic’s great impact on the film and television industry, this year’s “Belt and Road” Film Week and Film and TV Technology Innovation Summit, as an important component of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival, have attracted widespread attention from all parties. In particular, the appearance of the M-Station, with its innovative concept of “sharing” and innovative mode of offline and online integration, has brought confidence and imagination to the future development of the industry.