In the afternoon of December 24, Chen Bin, Deputy Director of Pudong Education Bureau, and Education Bureau delegation visited M-Station and held a discussion on further promoting youth film and TV education in M-Station. Li Zhihong, the second-level inspector of Shanghai International Tourism Resort, and Ye Fan and Yu Dan, the director and deputy director of the Industry Department, participated in the exchange together.

Yu Dan, Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Department of Shanghai International Tourism Resort, introduced the development of the resort’s film and television industry and the development of the M-Station, and said that he would further promote the integration of the M-Station with youth education. Jiang Chuanrong,Present of Mirror Pictures gave a special report on the operation of the M-Station, and highlighted the work of the M-Station in the area of youth education and research in film and television, taking “Bound”, which won the special award of the international “One Minute Video Competition”, as an example.

After a detailed inspection to understand the specific implementation of each process link of film and television education and research in M-Station and listening to the relevant work report, Deputy Director Chen Bin affirmed the work done and achievements made by M-Station in spreading film and television industry culture and serving youth art education, and gave guidance on further playing the technical and professional advantages of M-Station to improve the quality of film and television technology education in Shanghai and expand the coverage of related education and research activities.The Deputy Secretary The Director of the Education Bureau, Tang Tao, said that the M-Station could be used for the development of the arts. On the other hand, they could explore cooperation with M-Station to jointly promote youth film and television education in terms of popular film and television industry experience, school film and television club activities, and the production of high-quality youth film and television projects involving the education sector.