On the morning of March 16, 2021, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between the International Youth Camp and MirrorPictures was held in M-Station. Shanghai Youth Travel, Shendi Travel and MirrorPictures will work together to integrate resources and jointly build an international first-class youth study camp brand.

Wang Jianli, General Manager of Shanghai Youth Camp Education Technology Group Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Jin Yi, Executive Vice President of MirrorPictures signed on behalf of the partners

In his speech, Hu Zhe, Chairman of Shanghai Youth Travel (Group) Co., Ltd, introduced that the International Youth Camp is a youth education enhancement project developed by Shanghai Youth Travel under the guidance of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, aiming at developing social resources outside school, promoting quality education for the overall development of students, and solving the problem of healthy growth and balanced physical and mental development of youth, which has received strong support from the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Shanghai International Tourism Resort is the first contracted landing site of the International Youth Development Camp, with the advantage of international brand and IP resources in the domain; while the M-Station, located in the core area of the resort, is a mature out-of-school practice education base for youth with space, carrier and projects. This tripartite cooperation will integrate the advantageous resources to jointly build a benchmark for out-of-school practical education for youth and replicate it outside.

Address by Hu Zhe, Chairman of Shanghai Youth Travel (Group) Co.

Zhang Yi, general manager of Shanghai Shendi Tourism & Resort Development Co., Ltd, the exclusive strategic partner of Shanghai Youth Travel Study Camp, said that by joining hands with M-Station, the three parties will jointly create high-quality products and lines for youth film and TV study and research, join hands to explore new models and opportunities for “film and TV + education and research” in the resort, dig deeper into the resource potential of the resort, and focus on To promote the follow-up sub-camp landing, the brand awareness and influence of Shanghai International Tourism Resort International Youth Camp Shenqing Camp No. 1, to create the top Chinese, world-class international youth study camp brand with the characteristics of the Communist Youth League and the resort.

Speech by Zhang Yi, General Manager of Shanghai Shendi Tourism & Resort Development Co.

M-Station is an industry gathering platform of “Film & TV Technology + Cultural Creation” built with the core concept of “sharing”. As a film and television training base of the National Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Union and an out-of-school film and television education practice base for primary and secondary school students in Shanghai Pudong New Area,M-Station continues to invest professional strength and resources to develop diversified visiting and study courses and programs, guide and support students in experimental film production, and provide internship and training opportunities for students from professional colleges and universities.

As the construction operator of the film and television shared space, Jiang Chuanrong, chairman of MirrorPictures, said that he would continue to fulfill the mission of training and discovering talents in the shared space in conjunction with this cooperation contract, helping young people master and operate film and television technology and tell Chinese stories in the future, and contributing to the development of national quality education and vocational education and the film and television industry.

Speech by Jiang Chuanrong, Chairman of MirrorPictures.

Yu Dan, Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Department of Shanghai International Tourism Resort Committee, also attended the signing ceremony and expressed his congratulations on the cooperation. Deputy Director Yu Dan emphasized the importance of combining the development of film and television industry with youth growth, and said that he would continue to provide support for communication, coordination and guarantee in the implementation of projects and activities.

Speech by Yu Dan, Deputy Director of the Industrial Development of the Management Committee of Shanghai International Tourism Resort

After the signing ceremony, the project partners also held a round table together, based on the close cooperation between the International Youth Growth Camp and Pudong International Film and Television Industry Park, and made an in-depth discussion on how to further improve the youth study activities in Shanghai International Tourism Resort.