On December 29, 2020, ICCI’s industry-education integration course “Research on Cultural and Creative Industries” came to M-Station, a shared space in Pudong International Film and Television Industry Park, to investigate the film and television creative technology sharing community located in this dream-share place in Shanghai International Tourism Resort, and had an in-depth discussion with Mr. Jiang Chuanrong, Chairman of Shanghai Mingluo Film and Television Technology Co.

At the M-Station Virtual Studio, which hosted the launch of this year’s Belt and Road Film Week, Chairman Jiang Chuanrong gave a lecture on the innovative model and operation of the shared space. During the Q&A session, the students asked a sharp question: What is the competitiveness or advantage of M-Station in the face of the inherent “acquaintance model” of the post-production industry, where producers tend to choose established partners they know well?

With more than 30 years of practical experience in the film industry, Mr. Jiang pointed out that the key lies in quality and cost management. M-Station is not about making a choice of partners, but about building a platform to facilitate the development of standards and achieve efficient management of quality and cost through a standardized and open industrialization model.

The students gained a deeper understanding of this during their subsequent visit and practical experience. The functional facilities of the shared space covering the whole process of film and TV production, the online open talent and digital asset management platform, the 5G digital film and TV production and development cloud platform created in cooperation with Huawei, and the financial, technological, and lifestyle services supporting film and TV production all reflect the platform positioning of M-Station.

The combination of perfect platform functions and the concept of “sharing” brings together the sentiment of sharing space to promote the industrialization of Chinese film and television and make every idea a reality. Through the sharing of all elements of film and television production, online and offline integration development, cutting-edge image technology research and development, it solves the problems of the lack of industry standards, process fragmentation, and the heavy capital operation of enterprises, creates a dream factory that “comes with ideas and leaves with works”, helps the construction of Shanghai’s global film and television production center, and promotes the development of China’s film and television post-production industry. It will help the construction of Shanghai global film and television production center and promote the development of China’s film and television post-production industrialization.

Since its inauguration and operation on July 29, 2020, more than 50 enterprises in the whole industry chain of film and television have landed in the resort to cooperate with M-Station, including the head post-production enterprises such as Base, Nova Film, Tiangong Yicai, More, Illumina, Cococartoon, Timeaxis, etc. These companies almost include the major domestic theatrical film post-production, representing the highest level of domestic post-production.

It is believed that with the completion of Huawei & Pudong 5G Digital Film & TV Cloud Base and its application in the industry, the construction and application of the cutting-edge LED virtual filming system, the subsequent construction and operation of the second and third phases of Pudong International Film & TV Industrial Park, and the unremitting efforts of all colleagues in the film and TV post-production industry, the industrialization level of Chinese film and TV production will reach a new level, and M-Station will also leave its own mark on it.