Later stage of film

The film and television post production department of the company, adhering to the professional and rigorous working attitude, in accordance with the international standard film industry production process, is committed to create a one-stop service platform for the full process of film and television post production. Services included: editing, digital intermediate film, VFX, sound, dimming, 2D to 3D, old film repair, etc.

The company has gathered a large number of master artists at home and abroad, providing solid technical and artistic support through conceptual design, cost control, and creation design for customers.

Comprehensive Operation

    Responsible for film and television industry related projects, including investment and financing show, film and television activities planning, video exhibition planning and many other brand activities. Relying on the company’s wide range of industry resources, we are gathering film and television industry elite and high-end film and television projects, building a “co-creation, sharing, win-win” film and television industry “friend circle.”

International Cooperation

Docking international high-quality film production enterprises and leading edge imaging technology experts and masters to help them landing in Shanghai Pudong International Film and Television Industrial Park. We have set up headquarters in China to create a master studio. We will carry out the video technology summit to promote various international exchanges.

Education and Trainning

Our company are committed to the introduction of high-quality educational resources related to animation, film and television, and joint education and training institutions in China to enable foreign animation and film education courses to come to the mainland.