About Mirror Pictures

Mirror picture is a digital media & technology group that provides platform for the post-production industry. Our focus is to enable resource sharing amongst the companies through a network of communal studios. Located at No. 119, Lane 450, Shendi East Road, within the heart of Shanghai Pudong district, is the centre piece of our communal studio – ‘M station’.

M station is within walking distance of the Shanghai Disneyland and the ‘Shanghai Village’ (A Bicester Village shopping collection), as well as 2 mile radius of Shanghai’s ZhangJiang hi-tech park. The key components of M station include the talent database, the digital asset trading platform, 200 workstations for post-production artists, Mocap studio, live streaming facilities, training facilities, recording and editing studios, a theatre, as well as space for pre-production and business development. M station is open to all members of the creative industry, be it an individual freelancer searching for a worthy team and project, or a production company searching for capable team to take on a project. Our communal studio will serve its purpose by bridging the gap between the needs and the needed.

Less than 30 minutes drive from Pudong international airport, 1 hour drive or public transport to central Shanghai, M station sits in one of the greenest areas of Shanghai, surrounded by quality restaurants, hotels and holiday homes.

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    No.15, DongAn Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

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    Phone: +86 21 64866619

                    Tax: +86 21 64866619 – 610

         Email: [email protected]